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Ageing and Distressing
Antique Plaster
Decorative Sculpture
Faux Fresco
Faus Patinas
Gold Leaf and Metal Leafing
Lime Washes
Marbeling and Faux Marble
Sand Carved Glass
Venetian Plaster
Wood Graining


Carmeli Design Group offers home owners the opportunity to enrich their homes with quality artwork and finishes. The artworks we create are original pieces you will not find anywhere else and our finishes only use ingredients and materials known for their long lasting and durable qualities.


Services offered:


-Tromp L'oeil

-Wall Finishes


We offer free in-home consultation any day of the week just call to make an appoinment. During the consultation, we will discuss the treatment areas (murals,wall finsihes, and sculptures),the feel, mood, style and approach. A portfolio of samples and artwork may be brought to help you with your ideas. Measurements and digital photos are taken for reference.
After consultation, Carmeli Design Group will provide you with a proposal outlining the scope of work, cost and time it will take to complete you project. Once the proposal is approved, we will produce scale drawings, color sketches, or sample finishes to illustrate your request. Only after you are satisfied with the scale drawings, sketches or samples will we start on your project.